Making the on-boarding experience less frustrating for agents and executives.

Designing an informative, fun onboarding experience for desktop users.

Client - SmartZip

SmartZip is a predictive analytics company specializing in real estate.  They manage marketing campaigns and relationship management for real estate agents, allowing them focus on build key relationships with potential home sellers.

The Challenge

Each real estate agent undergoes an on-boarding call with their marketing coach, a SmartZip account executive.  With SmartZip's aggressive growth, these calls take the bulk of account executives' time, especially away from high priority tasks.  Automating the on-boarding experience allows real estate agents to access help 24/7, instead of only during business hours, and frees up account executives.

The Outcome

"It's like Christmas," according to one of the account executives at SmartZip. "When we heard about [the automated] first time user experience, we were so excited.  It has been an overwhelming quarter."  Account executives recounted that they now find their workdays more manageable and filled with more meaningful tasks.  Real estate agents also expressed praise, saying the modern platform re-inspires confidence in the SmartZip product as it keeps improving.

Empathize with the User

We listened to and noticed the SmartZip account executive needs as they felt time pressure from the company's aggressive growth.  Real estate agents expressed their frustration at not being able to access help with the system when they needed it.  After some convincing, C-level executives agreed, and we initiated this project.

Define the Solution

We sketched out several versions of the onboarding experience.  Each day, we would gather as a design team, think about the user flow and pain points, then redefine the whole project again.  Being in the chaos isn't a fun place for a UX designer, but it's worth it when the entire team can agree this is the absolute best solution we can provide our customers.

Build, Test & Iterate

After we defined a clear solution, we went into production and testing.  Things got tricky there.  We ran into unexpected technical constraints that were not expressed in previous team meetings requiring us to work with different design constraints such as message positioning and colorization.  All in all, we worked collaboratively across engineering and design to create a first class product.