Project Work

Envisioning a new financial future

Creating new methods to accomplish financial goals with voice and conversation

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Making medication management less medical

Creating conversational UIs to help patient manage multiple medications with reminders and empathy.


Let your kids be free while keeping your mind at ease.

Building novel ways to integrate technology into everyday life.  Project part of advanced design Masters in HCI & Design class at University of California, Irvine.

Balancing consumer, company, and advertiser needs.

Researching and implementing an elegant solution to request users to turn off their ad blocking software.  Iterative design initiative at Kelley Blue Book.

Making the on-boarding experience less frustrating for agents and executives.

Designing an informative, fun onboarding experience for desktop users.  Out of the box experience at SmartZip.

Empowering career-advancing women with the right professional attire.

Designing a native mobile application for stylists and clients.  Student client project at General Assembly, San Francisco.